Yesterday was Tiny’s final night at her current barn.  The plan is to move her to a new place today.  I had gone over there last night to ride and pack my things, but I ended up not even getting on her.  We spent the evening just being together.  Yesterday I read a post over at Camera-Obscura that reminded me how important it is to soak in those moments of just being together.   I groomed her and clipped her so she didn’t enter her new home looking like a wild pony.  I grabbed my camera and took her into the neighbor’s field/front yard and let her wander around and graze while I snapped away at her.  It was an amazing night.  The colors of the sky were brilliant as the sun went down and Tiny’s coat shone in the warm evening light. 

Part of me feels sad about the move.  I don’t know why.  I knew from the first week at this barn that I didn’t belong there, nor did Tiny.  But I like the place – the stalls are large and clean, there are HUGE grandfather oaks littered throughout the property, the arena is huge and lighted with good footing, and best of all it’s close to me.  Although she’s not moving far (15-20 min drive vs 5-10 min drive now), it just feels far.  There is something about the security of knowing she’s just down the road from me that I’m going to miss.  I’m nervous, too, about the change.  I really thought THIS place was going to be great when I moved her there, so now I’m afraid to get too excited.  So keep your fingers crossed that our future will be filled with large, deeply bedded stalls and tons of fresh, sweet grass.  We’ll keep you posted!