Now that it’s been almost two weeks since Tiny and I have relocated our horsing operations, I thought it was time for an update on barn life.  I got permission from the new BO to talk about the happenings there and take photos (which I’ve yet to do, unfortunately).  Tiny is settling in great.  She’s got a nice end stall, closest to the feed room which is all that really matters to her (and the tack room which is all that really matters to me)!  Her next door neighbor is Jolene, a gorgeous buckskin Quarter Horse mare.  She’s such a sweet doll!  Tiny also has a new BFF – her first friend since Abby!  Her name is Raquel and she is this absolutely adorable freckle faced Paint mare that gets turned out in the pasture next to Tiny’s.  They spend their evenings hanging out over the fence and getting to know each other.  The hope is that once Tiny is completely settled in, they can be turnout buddies.  Yay! 

Tiny's neighbor JoJo

I’m happy too, because now there is life at the barn.  It reminds me of the old days, with the radio playing country tunes and the sounds of life in the barn.  This place is full, with about 12 horses plus a few minis and donkeys.  So there’s always something going on.  There’s almost always someone around to chat with and I even found a riding buddy for myself.  We haven’t hit the trails yet, but one of these days we’re going to check them out. 

Tiny's pre-ride meditation

Tiny is looking better already.  She’s on a higher quality feed than what she was getting, so between that and the grass, she’s picked up a bit of weight.  Her hair is shining up and she looks much prettier.  This week she has her first meeting with the new farrier, so we’ll see how that goes.  All in all, it’s working out very well.  Tiny is happier and I am much more trusting that my horse is being cared for properly.  The only downside is that despite the dogs loving farm life (and me loving the ease of just taking them with me versus doing an hour long walk before I can even go ride) I’m going to have to stop taking them over there, I think.  They are coming home INFESTED with fleas and the flea preventative is doing nothing to alleviate it.  These are two dogs that haven’t even been on flea preventative since last August, and I haven’t seen a single flea on them until now.  I hate to stop taking them, but I can’t handle a flea infestation in my own house/yard, especially with Grady’s propensity for skin conditions. 

Anyway, that’s all for now and I promise to get some photos up soon of all the residents at Tiny’s new home!