In my efforts to catch up on all the blogs I’ve been behind on for so long, I just recently stopped by A Good Horse, a blog I’m ashamed to say I haven’t caught up on in awhile.  I noticed a few blog posts referencing a “30 Day Horse Challenge” which seems to have been started over at A Horse and a Half.  Well you know me and how I love a challenge, so I’m going to give this a go!  I can’t promise that I’ll actually complete this in 30 consecutive days, and you might be seeing a lot more posts from me if I can actually manage to keep up with it all!  So here goes…and if you want to follow along, comment here and we can link up together. 

Day 1:  Photo of you and your current horse

This is easy – I have a ton of photos of Tiny and I together. 

This photo was taken at one of our last shows to date.  I believe it was taken by Steve Thibodeaux, although I didn’t see a clear attribution to the photographer on the website I found this on.  (If you know who took this photo, please let me know.  I would love to purchase it!).  This image clearly articulates why I love this horse so very much.  We have competed erratically since 2005, and this show was one of only 4 that we have shown at since then.  Tiny is a warrior – it doesn’t matter if it’s been five minutes or five years since she’s seen her last barrel, she’ll turn it just the same each and every time.  If her fitness isn’t quite up to par, no matter.  Her ears still stay perked; she still loves her job.  She just might run out of gas a little quicker.  I’m hoping and praying that this summer I can catch a couple of horse shows and get back in the game.

This photo was taken when Tiny was living just down the street from me.  We had been out on a long trail ride and we stopped by the house for a drink and a bathroom break.  The photo was taken just before we came inside to cool off (yes, Tiny too – no idea why we didn’t take the photo INSIDE the house!!)

 Finally, here are a couple of video links from our last shows, click here and here to watch.