My name is Michelle.  My experience with horses began in the mid 80’s after a summer vacation which entailed countless hours of riding through the Arizona desert.  Much to my parents’ disappointment, to this horse crazy child it was an easy choice:  Grand Canyon or horseback riding at the resort?!?!  No question…  That should have been the point that the folks started to get a bit nervous, but they gamely encouraged what became my lifelong obsession with horses.  To be fair, I’ve been obsessed for as long as I can remember, and recall begging for a palomino and a fenced backyard since speaking became an option.  Something changed for us during that vacation and it sparked a family adventure into the world of horses – showing, breeding, and boarding. 


Today, more than 23 years later, I have been fortunate enough to experience life with some incredibly talented horses and learn from some of the most widely respected trainers in the business.  Throughout my riding years, I have always focused on expanding my skills, questioning my trainers, and believing in my own riding abilities rather than depending on someone else to fix my problems for me.  Because of this, I have trained with and/or participated in clinics with prestigious trainers such as Rob Meneely, Joy Purdy, Dan McLaughlin, Lynn Palm, Dave Moore, Dave Parlier, Michael Colvin, Rusty Miller, Heath Wilkerson, Linda and Michelle Capazzoli, and many others.  Due to my family’s breeding operation, I have had the opportunity to ride many horses of various temperaments, styles, and skill levels.  As the years progressed, I evolved from a horse loving teen to a successful all-around competitor at National and World level Appaloosa events. 


In my professional life I am a biologist, with extensive training in herbivore nutrition and mammalian physiology.  This passion for research has aided me in expanding my knowledge of horse nutrition, behavior, and ailments.  I also support holistic medicine and am frequently seeking knowledge of alternative therapies for horses.  It is my aim to provide unbiased, well-researched information to those who read this site. 


Although my involvement in the Appaloosa show world has lessened over recent years, I am still committed to representing the breed as much as possible.  Until I can realize my dream of riding competitively again, I welcome the opportunity to do what I do best:  Talk horses!! What better avenue to explore training techniques, discuss various products and facilities, and exchange ideas and information than a forum such as this?  I love the idea of sharing my knowledge with others and creating an environment that unites horse lovers everywhere – all while promoting my own favorite breed, the Appaloosa.  My hope is to share my horse experiences with all of you while continuing my own quest for knowledge of all things horses!



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